Burlingame Avenue, 1915

Burlingame Avenue, 1915

Burlingame, California is a special place just 16 miles south of San Francisco. Incorporated in 1908, it has become a tree-lined suburb with a variety of home styles ranging from English Tudor and American Bungalow to Spanish Revival and Streamline Modern. Its rich and diverse history reflects the influence of the Spanish Ranchos as well as the area’s turn-of-the-century wealthy elite. Here you will enjoy photos, stories, memories and more.

Writing an essay about the history and famous Belingame writers

In order to develop students' creative thinking and writing skills, many school and university disciplines involve writing essays and similar works.

In the Western system, the essay is the most common type of written expression of thoughts. This is because a large amount of educational material is provided for independent study, and a little written work will allow you to control the amount of information learned. In addition, such tasks help students with reasoning and conclusions, the formation of a personal point of view.

The main task of the author is a superficial disclosure of topics, based on their own judgments. With the help of an essay, educational institutions are trying to find out whether the student has understood the meaning of the work, or whether they can correctly form logical chains on paper. Which helps the development of speaking skills.

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Lately, essay writing has become one of the most widely used methods of assessing high school and college students’ ability to think, research, and make conclusions. Instructors and professors all over the nation assign essays and research papers to their students; however, only a few of them can write a quality text and get a high grade. Historical essays are some of the hardest to perform for them. In this guide, we will give a few tips to Burlingame high school students and everyone who needs to write a piece about the Burlingame area and does not know where to start.

Define your history essay topic

First of all, to make your writing process easier and shorter, you need to understand what you are asked to write about. If you are assigned to the Tamora Pierce children's author, make sure your paper will not be too broad, covering all the details of her biography. Instead, choose a certain period of her life to work on, or write about a certain Universe series that she developed, and show how it influenced her further writing. The same applies to essays about comic strip author Bill Amend. Your historical essay should give some value to the readers and demonstrate the importance of a certain event or person in their era, so be sure to search for it before you formulate your topic.

Do your research about Belingame

Now it’s time to find out everything relevant to the history of your region if the major events that you are writing about were occurring there. Use all the sources available to you: the Internet, your school or college library, and, of course, Burlingame public library. Collect the memories of local people you know to get even more ideas and inspiration for writing. During this preparatory stage, remember to keep your notebook by your side and take notes every time you hear or read the information that you want to mention in your future historical essay.

Shape your thesis

After processing a lot of material on your topic, you can make a central statement of your essay, a thesis. Putting everything you have read previously can be a quite tough task so you may even turn to write my essay for me service for this part of your writing. It is OK to ask for a piece of professional advice when it comes to the thesis formulation.

If you want to construct your thesis on your own, ask yourself a few questions: what is the main idea I want to tell my audience? Does my thesis state my position on the issue clearly? Is my thesis statement disputable or easy to agree with? All these questions will help you check your thesis and edit it well.

Collect arguments to support your statement

Now, you need to get back to your notes that you have made while working with the references and sources for your essay. Skim through them and highlight the quotations that support your thesis statement the best. After that, outline your arguments one-by-one.

Outline your essay

Once you have your thesis statement and a few arguments to back it up, you can make a detailed outline for your entire paper. Mention the hook you would like to use in your introduction and transition to a thesis. Then, describe your key ideas for the essay body, and finally, take a few concluding notes. Now, even if you postpone your writing process for a few days, you will not forget what you wanted to write about.

Do not be scared of the blank paper (or screen)

Are you a college freshman or still a high school student? Do you often fear writing from scratch? All you have to do is just allow yourself to spill some thoughts on the paper or your laptop screen. Do not aim for perfection at this point, your first draft is just a first attempt to write your assignment.

Edit yourself if you want to get an A

Oftentimes, students refuse to edit their papers before submitting them to their instructors. Such an approach costs them a few points of the final grade, so we advise you to not follow their example. Even if you do not like editing, you can turn to help me write my history essay services to get it done for you. This feature is not that expensive even for college students while the results it brings are impressive.