Helpful Links

Burlingame Founding Families. Visit this website and learn about the influence and legacy of the founding families on the development of Burlingame and Hillsborough.

The history of Burlingame’s Trees. This website is a robust resource that traces the emergence of our majestic trees to our town’s development.

Living History Project by the Burlingame public Library. This will link you to a series of videos featuring folks from Burlingame and beyond reminiscing and recalling some very interesting tidbits.        

Anson Burlingame. Everything you wanted to know and more.

San Mateo County Historical Society. This museum, the epicenter of San Mateo County history, is located in the old county courthouse at 2200 Broadway in Redwood City. Call 650-299-0104 or go online.                             

The City of Burlingame. Find everything you need to know about Burlingame–from whom to call in the event of an emergency to watching the city council meetings.

Burlingame, Kansas, Historical Society. Did you find us by accident while looking for this town? While it is not our “sister city” it does share our name, and has its own interesting history as well.

Self-Guided Tour of Burlingame Historical Buildings. This interactive map of downtown Burlingame includes brief histories of many of our downtown buildings.

Paint Burlingame. Each year, generally in September, the Burlingame Historical Society holds Paint Burlingame, a one-day plein air painting event. It’s a fun way we encourage artists and art lovers to appreciate Burlingame in a different way. It also functions as a fundraiser for the BHS.

What’s on the National Register in San Mateo County?,_California